About Jeremy

About Jeremy

Jeremy Sakulenzki is the Founder & CEO of South Texas Wealth™, a premier financial planning firm that specializes in protecting Baby Boomer’s retirement savings. Jeremy will not hesitate to tell you: “I’m not here to make my clients rich, I’m here to make absolutely certain they are never poor.”

Jeremy’s disciplined-based investing strategy has earned him tremendous respect in the finance industry. And he does not take this for granted. Jeremy is an avid writer because he thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge with his clients along with his colleagues in the industry. You can read many of his blog posts here on his website and get a free copy of his book titled: 7 Financial Planning Mistakes Baby Boomer’s Need To Avoid

Because of the popularity of Jeremy’s recent book, he decided to expand on the financial planning mistakes Baby Boomer’s make and in July of 2016 he released his second book titled: 13 Financial Planning Mistakes Baby Boomer’s Make & Hot To Avoid Them

Before Jeremy Sakulenzki became a CEO , before he became an author, he was the son of a hard working family who prided themselves on discipline and persistence. Jeremy’s mother was (and still is) the President & CEO of the Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Chamber and his father owned several successful companies. There wasn’t a summer that went by where Jeremy didn’t work for one of his father’s construction and storage companies. It was throughout his childhood that Jeremy got a first-hand taste of the entrepreneurial life.

His work ethic and intelligence earned him acceptance into Texas A&M University in College Station. He initially pursued a degree in engineering, but found his passion studying business. Inspired by his twin brother Jonathan and his interest in Business, Jeremy changed majors and graduated with a degree in Business and two minors in Economics and Psychology.

However, just before his graduation, tragedy struck his family. Jeremy lost his father. And in spite of the massive success each of his father’s companies had achieved, his family did not prepare for this unexpected event. Jeremy quickly learned from his family’s CPA that had his stepmother passed away at the same time, every single thing that his father had worked for would have had to be sold in order to pay the inheritance taxes along with many other taxes.

It was at this pivotal moment that Jeremy Sakulenzki promised to himself that he would never let anybody else end up in the same situation as he and his family found themselves in. This sparked a burning desire to become a financial advisor.

With a passion to help others protect their assets and a business degree from Texas A&M, he applied to and received multiple job interviews with financial planning firms. After nearly 10 different interviews with some of the top financial planning companies around, he selected New York Life.

Despite the rapid progress he had made through the help of mentors and advisors, Jeremy quickly realized that he was limited in his ability to help his clients in the way that was best for them.

With his family’s entrepreneurial spirit planted deep in his DNA, he resigned from New York Life and starting South Texas Wealth, a financial planning firm dedicated to helping Baby Boomer’s protect their retirement savings from unforeseeable, life-altering circumstances. As the founder, Jeremy has the freedom to do and offer what is always right for his clients.

If you desire: Integrity, honesty, commitment and confidentially – set an appointment with Jeremy and allow him to give you a no cost no obligation review on your current retirement plan strategy.