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You Are Not Entitled To Retirement

I have this pet peeve and you may not like it when I tell you what it is. My pet peeve is that when I’m out and people ask me what I do I normally tell them “I’m a Financial Advisor, I help people plan their retirement”. I often hear […]Read more »

Should I pay off my house early?

I work with a lot of families, most of them own homes and a rather large percentage of them have a goal to pay off their house early. But, is it a good idea? I completely understand why paying your house off early is a big goal for many people. […]Read more »

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Top 10 Baby Boomers’ Retirement Fears

As a baby boomer nearing retirement, you have some fears about the future. You stay awake all night, staring at the blank ceiling and wondering what the future has in store for you. Did you make the right financial decisions? Did you do everything that you should have done when […]Read more »